An Ecological Biosphere..

Beyond the image of mother nature, as a place that it’s purity needs to be conserved, like replacing the current monotheism with another and build on the commodification of the new, life has cracks, contamination, depression, weirdness.
It’s all the flowing states beyond rights-wrongs, objects-subjects, masters-slaves, where creatures dancing on the mesh that we are connected through, our ecology.


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Terry Vergos is a polymath artist, a biophilic experiences designer and qigong instructor. He creates performance-lectures and workshops exploring ecological thought.

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Being in this world

I design spaces and moments of care and nourishment combining art, mind-body exercises, the use of emergent technologies and ecological education. Cultivating symbiotic relationships in the “Chthulucene”.

Ecology and the biosphere

Beyond the image of mother nature, as a place that it’s purity needs to be conserved, like replacing the current monotheism with another and build on the commodification of the new, life has cracks, contamination, depression, weirdness.

It’s all the flowing states beyond rights and wrongs, good and bad, old and new, objects and subjects, where creatures dancing on the mesh that we are connected through, our ecology.

Life indefinitely open, constantly changing and ambiguous might have mixed form weird species, purple skies, blue sands, creatures with the ability to breath on CO2, if this is part of natural drift and evolution.

To be in the flow of life, is a creative process which requires to challenge my fixated mind and perception. A decisive choice of how to be and what attitude to carry in this world.

Certifications Training/Experience

  • Capra course study group facilitation
  • The cafe at the Edge of the world/ Wolf willow Institute for systems learning
  • Chen style Taichi & Qigong Instructor certified with Taichicentre trained by Master Leu Liming
  • The systems view of life/ Fritjof Capra systems learning
  • Orthogonal Devices ER-301 sound computer system
  • Active Citizens British Council
  • Monome script based sound ecosystem
  • Nei Gong qigong training
  • Art of Hosting with Maria Scordialos and Vanessa Reed
  • Forum Theatre (Boal, Zegg), Sociocracy, NVC, Open Space Technology and World Cafe trainings
  • Way of Council with Rob Dreaming
  • Permaculture design Certification with Graig Gibson and May East, Findhorn
  •  Transition Towns Athens with Sophy Banks and Naresh Giangrande
  • Ecovillage design education by Gaia education with Daniel Wahl and Jonathan Dawson (Schumacher College), 
  • Wild Goose Qigong 
  • Long Yang (108) Form Taichi with Master Tung and Francoise Poutays 
  • Macrobiotics and Chinese herbal medicine practice, Peonia
  • Binaural Beats sound healing practice using Sbagen and Audiomulch
  • Apple Logic Certified Instructor, Manchester RSS Studios
  • Sound and Technology/ Ghent University
  • IEMA Sound and Technology
  • BA Economics


  • AKU founding/ board director
  • Enabling Theatre (current board director)
  • Hebden Bridge dance festival (former board director)
  • Pelion Holistic Education centre (former founding/ board director)

Volunteer Work

  • Gaia Education 
  • Gen Europe 
  • Findhorn Foundation
  • Casitta Verde Ibiza Spain
  • Hebden Bridge School

Selected Works


Is it here? 2023 [Bandcamp]
PlantSounds@Bowl/RTMFM 2022
Look Out 2021 [Google]
Sunset 2020 [Vimeo]
Ecology without Nature 2019 
Less is Beautiful 2019 
Emergence 2019
Fragments of ecology 2019
Disquiet 2019 [Vimeo]
Sea life 2020 [Bandcamp]
Small Creatures 2020 [Bandcamp]
Life a process [Bandcamp]
White 2016


Building trust relationships 2014
Ecovillage Design 2013
Beyond Sustainability 2012

Special thanks to the people from Monome and Orthogonal devices who make beautiful, open source inspiring instruments, to the lines community and to the disquiet junto for the support and knowledge.


“Gauging by chat response, @swhic piece was something of a fan favorite – a sonic collage of field recordings and ambient environments mashed up with manipulated video of sheep grazing in the snow. Terry’s practice is both beautiful and smart, interrogating essential questions of the anthropocene” [Vimeo]

Los Angeles, February 2021
Tyler Etters

Intimacy is a project which to me showcases the intersection of many facets of thought, artistic inquiry, and spiritual rigor. I’ve designed some of the norns scripts which Terry uses to bring this work to life, which is a humbling position to be in. His writing reflects the same curiosity through which the scripts were developed – namely, using improvisational methods to provide disparate pieces of data a shared foundation. Terry’s presentation of cognitive processes as mirrors of other patterns found in nature is particularly compelling.
To me, this adds depth to the concept of “intimacy with the unknown” – if we are fundamentally made of the same electric and cellular impulses as all life, this makes the unknown comfortingly closeby. This “shared world”, as Terry puts it, is a fascinating starting point for creative exploration. In Terry’s hands, the gaps between and within us are fertile ground for new states of being. By embracing “contamination, depression, weirdness” not as challenges to life but as signs of life, Terry guides audiences into a more holistic orientation to both lightness and heaviness.
As an instrument designer, it’s incredibly rewarding to see Terry’s work. The questions of Intimacy are the same which motivate my own creative exploration, in the form of tools for sound. In a way, engaging with Terry’s work over the past year is an additional expression of strangers becoming less strange to one another. Finally, Terry’s involvement with lines (the online community through which we met) has helped infuse his perspectives as an artist with the development of the tools he uses.
Beyond being a kind corner of the internet, lines is where scripts for the norns platform are shared and discussed. Terry has brought imaginative feature requests to many scripts in the norns ecosystem, This thoughtfulness, to approach another’s work with open curiosity and imagination and share new ideas back to the creator, is a hallmark of how Terry moves through community.

New York, March 2021
Dan Derks
monome| Ableton

I have come to know Vergos' work over the years through his participation in the Disquiet Junto, in which participants create new compositions based on creative prompts. I created the Disquiet Junto in 2012, and have produced the weekly prompts and moderated the community ever since. Vergos has participated for several year in creative Junto pursuits, ones that have explored how music can be informed and inspired by such disparate conceptual constraints as palindromes, rock formations, interstellar travel, and cybernetics. Each time, Vergos has engaged with the given approach and wrestled something original and unique from it. Vergos’ Junto pieces are always well-received.
On the message board,, where the Junto musicians do their primary communication, Vergos has been a generous and frequent interlocutor.
The scientific considerations and collaborative nature of Vergos' "Intimacy" are an exciting endeavor, and I am hopeful for it to receive the support it deserves.

San Francisco, May 2022
Marc Weidenbaum