An Ecological Biosphere..

Beyond the image of mother nature, as a place that it’s purity needs to be conserved, like replacing the current monotheism with another and build on the commodification of the new, life has cracks, contamination, depression, weirdness.
It’s all the flowing states beyond rights-wrongs, objects-subjects, masters-slaves, where creatures dancing on the mesh that we are connected through, our ecology.


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Terry Vergos is a polymath artist, a biophilic experiences designer and qigong instructor. He creates performance-lectures and workshops exploring ecological thought.

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Biophilic Experience


Qigong, Sounds and Ecology Workshop

Practicing qigong, listening to the sounds of plants and to our environment and cultivating ecological thinking may help us to tune in to the rhythms of our biosphere and create a silken thread amongst self/human and multispecies/worlds.

The practice includes the Yi Jin Jing Qigong, the 11 Chen Tai Chi form, the first part of the long (108) Yang form,  Qigong breathing exercises and  Silk reeling the principle method of Taichi.

Sound work involves the use of a biosonification device which translates complex real-time sensor data from plants into musical notes and controls. The sonic aura of the plants can help us to develop a deeper understanding of our relation with the non human world,  to expand our perception. It also involves listening, to environmental (field) recordings, a practice that cultivates focus, concentration and awareness.

Finally a selected subject from Ecological literature is being introduced to the participants who are invited to reflect on the biggest challenge humanity is facing today: global warming, how do we adapt, how do we share and how do we care.
How can we live on a damaged planet?

The workshop is a holistic practice: Body, senses and mind. Join for a unique and transformative biophilic experience that hopes to leave you feeling inspired and connected.

Sessions are open to all genders, colours, abilities looking to redefine the narrative of wellbeing in the Anthropocene.

For program dates and booking info please check @swhic on instagram